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  • Hands Free Microphone Holder
    Dave Lord's Microphone Holder

    Dave Lord's Hands-free Microphone Holder
    as used and recommended by
    Phil Cass, Brad Manuel & of course, Dave Lord

    The original concept for this microphone holder was conceived by Queensland magician, Al Ward, some time in the 1970's. It has been modified to its present shape by Dave Lord. It has a significant number of advantages over the alternatives:

    mic holder 010.a

    You will have mobility on stage and not be tied to a microphone stand.
    You will have your hands free to perform not having to hold a microphone.
    The microphone is held at exactly the correct distance from the mouth,   as all  modern microphone's should be.
    You will not lose volume when you turn your head as you do with a lavaliere (lapel) microphone.
    You may share a microphone with another performer, or audience member  by tilting the mic back and forwards in the holder, or by easily removing it from the holder.

    Powder Coated - Black
    Powder Coated - Antique or Hammer Finish, Colour Option other that black
    Rubber Finish
    Stainless Steel