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  • Breathalyser Card Trick
    Breathalyser Card Trick

    by Dave Lord

    The magician explains that he has developed
    a new breathalyser test, based on the spectator's powers of observation. Four cards are shown, each with a picture of a glass full of beer. The cards are counted from hand to hand, and one card is now discovered to be EMPTY! The magician cheats by turning the top card face down while the spectator is hopefully "distracted". However, when the cards are displayed again, the glasses are found to be ALL EMPTY! The magician then asks how many beers were displayed on the first side of the cards. Of course the spectator answers three. The cards are turned over to display all cards now have pictures of PINK ELEPHANTS!

    This effect uses the Elmsley Count; simple instructions included.
    Interactive comedy presentation.
    Topical magic for performances where people are drinking.
    Easy reset for table hopping.

    Breathalyser Card Trick - $25.00
    Replacement Cards are available, cards only, no instructions - $15.00 See Next Item

  • Breath Card Replacement
    Breathalyser Card Trick REPLACEMENT CARDS

    These are the replacement cards only for the Breathalyser Card Trick by Dave Lord.

  • Street Performer's Cups And Balls
    Stephen Elve's Street Performer's Cups and Balls

    For many years, Canadian magician Stephen Elve has been closing his street show with this Classic of Magic. After years of performing and wowing audiences, Stephen set forth to design a cup to meet the demanding criteria of the street performer. Stephen commissioned Dave Lord's Magic Works! to design and produce this beautiful set of copper cups to his specification. They had to be able to be seen by a large audience. They had to be capable of bearing a huge load, with minimal wasted space inside the cup.

    Stephen is thrilled with the result. He now closes his show with the production of FIVE 90mm GRAPEFRUIT from the cups! Durable, solid, a joy to handle, and of course, aesthetically pleasing, these cups are a must for the professional performer.

    Each cup is individually hand-spun in 1.2mm copper. Each set of three cups comes complete with a black velvet drawstring bag, and 4 one inch crocheted balls. The cups are available in either antique or polished lacquered finish with your choice of red, blue or yellow balls.

    Stephen will retail this set for US$250. We are pleased to offer a dollar for dollar conversion rate, so we can bring them to you for $250 Australian. (Plus GST for Australian Customers)

  • Mind Stress by Thomas Blomberg
    Mind Stress by Tomas Blomberg

    Here's one of the most practical and logical mental effects in ages. Easy to perform, easy to carry and with a variety of uses. Use this clever divination in one on one, or with large groups. It is ideal for "pre-forcing" a number on a television host prior to your appearance. In effect, any number is mentally selected from a series of 100 on a bunch of genuine appearing "stress calibration" cards. These cards have been specially printed and look like real scientific field equipment. Once the number is selected, it is revealed or acquired by the performer with the simplest and fairest procedure.

    "The method for Mind Stress is clever and the presentational framing is very pleasing."
    -Max Maven

    "Blomberg, always eyeing the wilds of the blue yonder, always brings it back home to share. He knows what and when to 'stress' mindfulness. This fine example makes an oldie a goodie."
    -John Racherbaumer

    "Tomas Blomberg has one of the cleverest minds in magic..."
    - Dave Solomon

    Supplied complete with the very clever "stress cards", classy field trip carry case, a booklet of handlings by Tomas Blomberg, Mark Aspiazu, Kevin Kelly, Herbert Miller and Ben Harris.

  • Flight Case Ben Harris
    Flight Case by Ben Harris

    Please note.... This is the original booklet product. It is not a digital download.

    FLIGHT CASE is a levitating card effect using an entirely new method.
    Removing a deck from its case, the performer explains that one card is "endowed with the shadow of a previous being." A spectator, who the performer comments looks like an "admirable channeller," nominates ANY card. She removes it from the deck while another spectator places the card case in the center of the table. The chosen card is now placed on top of the case by the first spectator. Everyone is invited to place their hands flat upon the table, little fingers touching, "seance-style" around the case. The performer has joined in, his fingers lightly touching the case and the adjoining spectator's little fingers. The ring of energy is complete. With attention so firmly aroused, the chosen card, with no perceptible trickery, floats eerily off the case. It floats up, twists and moves a little, then floats back down. Any spectator may now remove the chosen card. It is indeed "endowed with special forces."
    Can be performed on the table, or in the hands for walk-around.
    Beautifully produced, fully illustrated. You'll make this up from a deck of cards in about 15 minutes with common materials you'll find around the house.

  • Slink by Ben Harris
    Slink by Ben Harris

    Please note.... This is the original booklet product. It is not a digital download.

    SLINK is a very clever secret for modifying any "russian wedding ring" into a devious linking Finger Ring Set. In effect, you display two silver rings. These are held at the fingertips, and then with a magical shake, they LINK together. They may now be EXAMINED before they are caused to magically UNLINK. The links and unlinks look just like real magic - smooth and effortless. And, the linked rings are fully examinable. There are several phases fully described in this cool package. Note that SLINK was first published in 1992 at triple the price.

    Carry this with you everywhere. Beautifully produced, easy to do. You'll love to practice this in front of the mirror, it looks that good. Use any "russian wedding ring." (Ring not included)

  • Cosmosis Pro Tips by Ben Harris
    Cosmosis Pro Tips by Ben Harris

    Please note.... This is the original booklet product. It is not a digital download.

    When COSMOSIS: THE ORIGINAL FLOATING MATCH was created in the mid eighties by Ben Harris, it was intended that it be performed with a regular card from the deck in play. Since that time, hundreds of rip-off copies have appeared around the world. Most dumbed down the effect with thick, fancy, and non-examinable cards.This long awaited new book by Ben Harris gives, for the first time, the real secret of making examinable COSMOSIS cards in 60 SECONDS FLAT! This way, users can sit down and EASILY make a packet of cards ready for use. You won't believe how simple the technique is. In fact, Mr Harris can make a single, examinable COSMOSIS card in 15 seconds!

    So, if you are a COSMOSIS user, you will be thrilled that the difficulty and hassle has now been eliminated from the manufacturing process.

    Also included is Mr Harris' favorite method for the complete clean-up, called PRO EXIT and extra details on camouflaging the gaff for ANY lighting conditions including TV.

  • Alida - Close-Up Levitation Technology by Ben Harris
    Alida - Close-Up Levitation Technology by Ben Harris

    Please note.... This is the original Alida product, complete with gimmick. It is not a digital download.

    Commenting on "form and function" the performer draws attention to the precise curve of a plane's wing and how its form provides "lift". To demonstrate, a gentle curve is induced along the length of any playing card. With just a little coaxing, the card slowly lifts out an inch from the table's surface and then, while hovering in mid air, smoothly rotates! The performer then shows his hand empty, pushes the card back down onto the table, and offers it for examination.

    A perfect effect for close-up, TV, restaurants and bars. You may also levitate other small items like matchboxes, mini candy bars, etc. You can easily construct the gimmick at home. And if you work on the “Squeeze-Play” clean-up, you will have a real winner.

    One of the most controversial effects of 2000. Panned by Michael Close as "a complete waste of money", yet praised by Richard Kaufman as "...extremely clever...It has an eerie unique quality" - one needs to ask, Who do you believe? Simple, judge for yourself. ALIDA is the clever use of a small, "common" object (modified) that is manipulated - in ways not considered before - to create stunning little levitation effects. You are purchasing the inventor's "applications" of handling this simple gaff. The floating card (or other small object) twists (up to 180 degrees) in the air as it floats too. No threads, no magnets. A truly off the wall approach that you'll either love or hate. Play with this and it may just become a favourite! 8 page booklet, large photographs, boxed gimmick with warranty.

  • Svengali Deck - Queen's Slipper Deck
    Svengali Deck - Queen's Slipper Deck

  • Mind Control
    Mind Control